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Electronic payments are driving business costs down in many ways. For example, risks are minimized as business owners get more visibility into transaction data and relationships are improved as suppliers get paid faster. Overall, modern payment solutions drive business growth and that’s precisely why Augsburg International partnered with myPOS.


Paula Stan, CFO Augsburg, explained: “Tapping into the potential of real-time payments and modern fintech solutions is critical for growth. For Augsburg, incorporating contactless payments is a way to eliminate the high costs associated with handling cash and any potential losses. We chose to use the myPOS platform and equip our drivers with smart myPOS terminals to simplify the complex world of B2B financial transactions.”


The challenge: solving many payments needs with one tool

With a strong presence on the Romanian market since 1996, Augsburg International has established itself as an official distributor and reliable partner of the most renowned international auto-parts manufacturers. A dedicated team of over 600 people provides wholesale import and distribution for a complete range of spare parts, maintenance fluids, garage equipment, fleet management for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, trucks, mechanical and body-part assortment and more. All of it supplied by Augsburg’s national network of warehouses.

The challenge Augsburg faced was to find an all-in-one solution that will help its drivers conduct many processes from one device:


    • Accept contactless payments
    • Print receipts for all payments – card and cash
    • Issue invoices
    • Handle reimbursements
    • Send payment requests
    • Extract reports and so on.

The company was looking for a fintech platform that offers instant money settlement and allows staff to see in real time what the drivers are cashing in. On top of this, Augsburg was looking for a solution that can be integrated with the company’s ERP system.



The myPOS solution: Android-powered POS devices with a proprietary Augsburg app

Augsburg tapped the power of Android and worked with myPOS to develop an app that addresses the company’s specific needs and has a card payment module. The app was then integrated with the myPOS platform and a smart POS device. Today, Augsburg uses more than 350 myPOS Carbon devices and takes advantage of the free myPOS e-money business account that all myPOS clients receive.

Augsburg picked the card reader myPOS Carbon – a dust- and shock-proof smart POS terminal with a high-pressure thermal printer and a cloud-based cash register. myPOS Carbon saves Augsburg drivers the hassle of carrying two devices – one with the app and another one with a printer.


“Before implementing myPOS, the company’s drivers handled only cash. This was associated with issues linked to carrying and depositing the funds and problems with the financial reports. Now, Augsburg has elevated security and more control because everything is automated and all data is available in real time after all payments were integrated into the company’s ERP system,” said Adriana Sorescu, the myPOS Romania Sales Manager who works closely with Augsburg International to help the company find the best fintech solution.

Adriana added: “The benefits of the evolving B2B payments landscape are many, and as businesses continue to uncover the value of real-time payments, more companies will move away from traditional payment methods. This is why it’s important for every business, no matter how small it is, to stay informed about the trends and seek better payment solutions that will help it seize every opportunity.”


Discover more here: https://www.mypos.com/en-gb/mypos-solves-augsburg-payment-challenges