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Augsburg International is the official distributor and the reliable partner of the most consecrated automotive part manufacturers.

If you are looking for the highest performance and most reliable parts for your customers, Augsburg is your ideal partner. Because we are the super-team of more than 600 people ensuring the highest wholesale import and distribution standards for spare parts, mechanics and bodywork, service equipment, fleet management services, for motor vehicles, commercial vehicles and trucks, through our own regional warehouse network. The most consecrated automotive manufacturers are our partners, which honors and obliges us.



What is our goal? It is both simple and complex, but our mission is already accomplished: great collaboration relations with our employees, partners and customers. We are trend setters on the Romanian automotive market and our business card says: “German Quality”.

Our vision is for the long run and perfectionism is our second nature: we want to be the best in the quality of services we offer to our customers and partners!


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We are highly meticulous: we carefully look into each case and offer the right solutions to our partners’ problems.


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We are perfectionists: we always try to bring added value to our offers, because there’s always room for more.


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We are competitive: we never settle for a second place. And we constantly train for the first.


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Each client is unique, but so are our solutions. There’s no one-size-fits-all, and we value each and every one of our partners.



1996Augsburg International’s “debut” on the Romanian market. 6 employees, turnover Eur 111,000.
1997: Opening of the Bucharest-Colentina Auto Centre, first warehouse and at the same time first auto parts shop and garage specializing in tin repair, paint work and mechanics.
1999Augsburg International aims at becoming the market leader on the OEM and aftermarket bodywork part segment.
2002: The first Smart caravans, which increased brand awareness and consolidated AI’s reputation amongst clients.
2003: The opening of the new office in Bucharest, Militari, with facilities dedicated to all departments.
2004: The implementation of a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system within the company.
2006: The celebration of our 10-year anniversary. The first stocks of aftermarket bodywork parts, alongside the classical delivery system, Just in Time.
2007Augsburg International becomes the Romanian market leader on the OEM and aftermarket bodywork part segment and opens a new 5700 m2 warehouse in Bucharest.
2008Augsburg International initiates its expansion on the aftermarket mechanics segment.
2009Augsburg International set up the service equipment and machinery division.
2011Augsburg International relocates to a new central warehouse – 12,000 m2.
2012: The truck auto parts division is established.
2013: The first Autofest editionis organized at “Casa Augsburg”, a 2-day event hosting more than 500 guests.

2014: The second Autofest editionis organized at Stirbey Palace, a 2-day event hosting more than 1,000 guests.

2015: The central warehouse processes are optimized through the implementation of a semi-automated product collection line.

2016: We are celebrating 20 years of presence on the dedicated Romanian market. To mark the moment, we organized a special event, attended by the whole Augsburg International team.
2017: We became the official distributor of all premium brands. Augsburg International’s portfolio is completed by brands such as MANN, SCHAEHHLER, TRW, CONTITECH, NGK, alongside the already existing ones: ZF, CASTROL, BOSCH, ATE, BREMBO, TEXTAR, MAHLE, HELLA, GATES, DAYCO, BILSTEIN, KYB
2018: In order to complete our offer and respond to all our partners’ needs, we added to our portfolio Augsburg International’s own brands, addressing the budget segment. RINGER – product assortment: gears, steering and joints, suspensionKRIEGER – product assortment: breaksSTOCKER – product assortment: filtersAI Perfect – product assortment: antifreeze and service consumables
2019: Augsburg International launches its own brand K-STARK – product range: electrical systems.
2020: In the year in which it celebrates 25 years since its establishment, Augsburg International adds a new brand to its own brand portfolio, e-KRAFT – product range: cooling systems.